Tuesday, 3 April 2012

OH NO!! why have so many works to do...

assalammualaikum semua,meet me again ainaazwan's...heehhe :)
             today aina nak story about me,wht i do everyday... actually what i think is my folio,my forum perdana and alot of things...baru form3 dah merungut..isshhh2 x baik kan??? heehh nak buat mcm mane kerja banyk sngt taun ni...i dont know what i want to do first,but i have plan to do Sej folio first tomorrow then followed by Geo..fuhhh pening...feel like want to faint...i dont want to school...why must have school?? tired lah...btw it must have too becoz how intelligent people would born without education right?? in world must have those people to increase our world popularity in economy..heeh dah melalut dah... :P ni mls ni nk tulis nnt ade je yang aina melalut..okey that so annoying...ape2 pun wish me luck for my folio..harp2 boleh finish kan dlm masa 1 month...insyaallah.. :D
                     assalammualaikum...Selamat Maju Jaya...PMR target 8A's  wohooaaa my azam...amin

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